Always wanted to grow your own food?

But never knew how to get started?

Sign up today and get a FREE 6-page LED indoor gardening guide from Plant3r! (No experience required…)

Starting a garden is hard work

Weeding…bugs…heat…crawling on the ground…WINTER!!!

There is an easier way…

Grow indoors year round with LED grow lights and containers

Indoor gardening gives you - nutrition-packed, delicious, fresh foods all year long right from your own home!

Our 6-page guide will lead you through the whole process.

From gathering supplies to harvesting your food.

Check out more info below!

What's Inside Your free guide:

  • Supply list: Find everything you'll need to grow your indoor garden.

  • Garden container prep tips: set your garden up for success!

  • Planting Guide: which plant, container type, # of seeds, and depth to plant.

  • Seedling Checklist Guide: Make sure your plants can grow big and strong!

  • Harvesting Guide: Know what and when to harvest!

This Guide Is For You If…

  • you are a new gardener

  • you want to start gardening indoors with the latest technology

  • you want fresh herbs year-round

  • you find growing is impossible for health or physical reasons

  • you want a fun project which will improve meal times for your family forever

Or you just never thought growing your own food was physically possible.

We’re here to tell you that it is!


Clifton Hartsuff

Founder & CEO of Plant3r!


Clifton envisioned a future where people don't have to rely on grocery stores to get fresh food. That's why he created Plant3r; to teach people around the world to grow their own food.

No matter your experience or location, Plant3r will teach you how to grow your own fresh food from home.

Still not convinced?

We save you hours of effort and research in one simple guide.

It only takes a few seconds to sign-up and ensure your family has the freshest flavor in your home year-round!

Sign-up now:

  • If you want to grow food year-round with no sore back

  • Experience ‘garden to table’ results in your own home with no experience.

  • And use this ultimate guide from A to Z to help you successfully grow herbs indoor using the latest grow light technology at a very low cost!

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